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Welcome to Waterford Farm
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Waterford Farm nestles in the shadow of the magnificent Southern Drakensberg, close to the towns of Underberg and Himeville, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Living and working so close to, and with a great respect for nature that surrounds one, is key in our operations. In such natural splendour, blessed with abundant pristine waters, is it then not surprising that our farm thrives. Not only does it deliver crops and stock of high quality, but also protectively hosts the natural and endangered inhabitants of the area.

Wild Life
Waterford Farm is a haven for both the endangered Bearded Vulture, often called the Lammergeier, as well as the Wattled Crane. Many other creatures, from the large Eland to the small otters frequent our pastures and waters.

Our operations has been extended to include Penwarn Country Lodge; a landmark of tourism in the region offering a unique hospitality experience. For more information, click on the link to Penwarn Country Lodge.
Indabushe Lodge
Mthini Lodge
Manor House
Indabushe Lodge Mthini Lodge Manor House
Riverside Cottage
Kudu Lodge
Log Cabin
Riverside Cottage Kudu Lodge Log Cabin
View our Waterford Vistas in our Gallery.
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