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Organic Farming Principles
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This series of pictures is my idea of organic farming.
Click on the image to view the enlarged picture! Click on the enlarged picture to return.
1. This is an old rye grass land ready for replanting.
Old Rye Grass Land

2. The incorporation of tons of organic matter per hectare is a good practice.
Incorporating organic matter
3. Using tillage, one can improve organic depleted soils rapidly.
Improving organic depleted soils

4. This soil was poor in organic matter two years before these pictures.
Organic matter rich soil
5. What it looks like now...
What it looks like now

6. The organic matter is created by the judicious use of fertilisers. Which are just concentrated forms of nutrients and can be beneficial in the long term if used correctly.
Using fertilisers
7. Tilling does not necessarily decrease organic matter in soils but rather increase organic matter and fast...
Increasing organic matter

8. Erosion is not a problem even with heavy rains and steep slopes when such large quantities of organic matter are present in the soil. This is better than contours which concentrates water!
Erosion not a problem!
9. As soon as one turns organic rich soil the storks and other birds come from far and wide. Often over 1000 storks will be following the discs...
Storks following the discs.

10. I think there is something healthy, good and sustainable about this method of cultivation. There can be room and in fact benefit for wild life alongside intensive agriculture...
Wild life alongside intensive agriculture.

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