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Our whole farming business at Waterford is based on growing pastures all year round. Thus all year round green grass may be found in abundance. This is possible by utilizing irrigated pastures where the water is sourced from stored water from numerous dams. We believe this to be the most sustainable form of farming available. We believe very strongly that irrigation should be from stored water only and that no farmer should be allowed to pump a river system dry in the drier times of the year.
We do no conventional monoculture cropping. By planting pastures only we are able to create a productive system that uses no agricultural pesticides at all and whereas we used to be able to say no herbicides, we do now use a very small amount of “safe” herbicides to assist in weed control.
This has resulted in a farm, which is a nutrient rich safe zone year round. I think some farming systems are nutrient rich at times and nutrient poor at other times. I also think that some farming systems are nutrient rich toxic zones at times. The result of our simple approach has been an explosion in indigenous animals and birds that lives along side our productive farm without conflict and are a treasure to observe and live with.
We have enormous flocks of Waterfowl, 1000's of magrant birds use us as a Summer base, we cater for some really special rare birds (such as all 3 Crane species, Bearded Vultures, Stanley Bustards, Bald Ibis and many more) and our indigenous animal populations add a fascinating contribution to our existance here. Some of the specials here are a large troop of babboons, Eland, Oribi, Grey Rhedbuck , Antbear, Honey Badger and of course all the regulars like Reedbuck, Duiker, Jackals, Various Mongooses and out beloved Otters (both Cape Clawless and Spotted Necked).

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