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We love to keep contact with all of the horses that we have sold. Here are some pictures and quotes that we have received from satisfied buyers.

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Well done to Derek de la Harpe and Spirit of Africa on their fantastic achievement!
“In Africa's first show-FEI Inter Africa in Gaborone this weekend-Africa got a second and a third. And he was everyone's favourite at the show...they all love his enthusiasm and looks. He is a real credit to Waterford!”

Shire mare, Waterford Mint, with Leonie Nicholas and her new little friend! Leonie; “We are all absolutely in love with her !!”

Valeska and Heila Haasbroek sent us this lovely update on Waterford Pouch and Waterford Orchid:
Orchid is such a beautiful girl. She absolutely loves jumping. We went to our first ever show where we came 1st in the pole on the ground.Me and Orchid's goal is to ride and jump bareback at home and at shows for the rest of our lives. She truly is magnificent for such a big horse. Love of my life!!!Pouch is a cute,big and cuddly horse. He has the most beautiful movements.He's training for Showing. Me and Pouch's goal is also to ride bareback for the rest of our lives. Although he's very strong he's so kind and willing to please .Love of my life!!!


Thank you Sarah for the beautiful pictures of Katie and Nuclear at Ruwa 3-Phase. What a super team!

Nuclear and Katie (12) participated in their first ever hunter trials in ruwa zimbabwe this weekend and won a 2nd place in the 70cm class. This gentle giant steals everyone's heart at these events with his tiny rider!

Johan Webber’s 3 Waterford additions:
Percheron x mare Waterford Why, and siblings Waterford Wyoming and Waterford Moccasin.

Waterford Moccasin and Johan Webber at their first TREK event

Waterford Tommy and Megan Frost at South African Individual Mounted games Championships in December , where they competed against riders from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Tommy and Megan received the South African Individual Reserve Champion title


Fiona Markham’s beautiful Percherons: Baby, Ruby, Domino and Duchess

Vicki Meggersee's Gentle Giant Blaze and Gentle Giant star at Giraffe View Safari Camp in Plettenberg Bay

Derek and Tishie De La Harpe sent in these photos of Waterford Dommit jumping in Harare, Zimbabwe. A 1st place his first show after learning to jump 10 days ago!

Derek and Tishie De La Harpe sent in these beautiful photos of Waterford Sprite and Emma jumping in Harare, Zimbabwe. A 1st and 2nd at their first show ever!

 Sarah Hoal and Foxy at Huntin' Shootin' Fishin' 2016 held in Nyanga, Eastern Highlands Zimbabwe.

This is Anja Pienaar's Quarter Horse, Rocky

Waterford horses in action at Ride Kenya

 Ride Kenya cofounder Patrick Stanton and Malakia clear 1.55m. Not bad for a bush pony!!!

The not-so-little Percheron x Shire x Clydesdale colt, Waterford Hail, at 2yrs 4months old owned by Martyn and Carole Doggrell

Waterford Schick, owned by June Kelly

Thank you Haley Chambler for these lovely pictures of Madi and Fizzer! Madi has done an amazing job with Fizzer, and we can’t wait to watch them grow together :)

Tracey and Artax competed in their very first show in October! Artax performed like a perfect gentleman and even made it in the placings! Well done to Tracey and Ivor for turning Artax out so beautifully!

Waterford Hail at 2yrs old. Hail is owned by Martyn and Carole Doggrell

The beautiful Gentle Giant Glimmer looking very smart. Glimmer is owned my Margie Morrison from Sasolburg

Kirsten Hacking and Waterford Brumby at their first Mounted Games Show together

Sarah Hoal having fun with Foxy and Nuke in Zimbabwe

Torch and Vision happy with Themba Lupuwana in the Easter Cape

Yolanda and Titan Lucia having fun with Buddy

June Kelly's "Schick"
Tishie de la Harpe
Waterford Sprite
Desert Moon

Some Waterford Clydesdales happy at their new home with Chrisna and Christoff

Big Girls
Chrisna Pienaar sent us these photos of her "big girls", Waterford Snapper, Waterford Hickory and Waterford Tickle, in their new home.

Anja Pienaar sent us these pic's & news of Rocky:
"Thought I’d send some pics – bought this western saddle (from UK) and have been riding Rocky regularly. The saddle has made ALL the difference !!!"

Waterford Bling
Denise Sander sent us this pic of "Waterford Bling", a Clydesdale at his Happy Home in the Cape - "My new member to my family, love him to bits"

Traditional Ladies arrive at Kujwana
"The ladies arrived into camp the Sunday after we left you, we put them up on the Samil 50 for the first part of the journey and then rode them in with their first Delta swim after 5km - luckily both can swim! After that, 2 breeding herds of elephant and a couple of lioness's and they arrived into Kujwana.

Thank you so much for all that you have done for us. After lions and elies I hat to admit that it was a franklin that managed to scare Incognito on the way in!"

Crackerjack & Tristan
"Just had to share the fun picture of Crackerjack eating from my grandson's hand... from Tristan's giggle you can almost feel the ticklish sensation he's experiencing... se Cracker's top lip... too gorgeous."

Happy Girls

Touch Of Class
“Touch Of Class has been going well in our "safe" area and riding at walk to canter.  He recently had his first BIG BOY ride out.  Even though he is a sensible chap I thought it best not to have a rider on but he was as good as gold.  He even got charged by a big grumpy buffalo bull and hardly batted an eye.  He also crossed the dam with hippo, so I am very pleased with him.”  - Alison Mundy, Equestrian Manager at Singita Grumeti, Tanzania

Georgio enjoying Viking and Dynamite
Giorgio sent us these pics and some news of "the best carting duo in Gauteng - very famous in Randpark Ridge each Sunday morning, and in the picture galleries of countless cellphones!"

Waterford Titan
Yolanda Tree and Titan. Yolanda’s Dream Horse

Waterford High (Max)
We received these great pic's of Waterford High (Max) winning the National Dressage Novice Champs in Zimbabwe from Shane Tomey

Gentle Giant Signet
Bridget Nienhuis sent us these 2 pictures of "Bluebell" (Gentle Giant Signet) on the beach and at a wedding in Port Elizabeth

Here are some more images from happy homes.
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