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Percherons are a French breed that found great popularity around the world in the 1800’s and early 1900’s as a wonderful workhorse that could be used for both serious agricultural work and heavy haulage over great distances.

Percherons are an extremely sound breed with a great variation in size from shorter stocky individuals of only 15 hands right up to taller longer legged individuals of 17 hands or more.
Percherons are usually Grey in color when mature. These grey animals are however born Black in colour and change over a few years from black through a pretty dapple phase until they are grey (white) all over. Some individuals are black in colour when mature. We at Waterford have selected a number of black Stallions and mares over the years and we now produce many black Percherons every year.

My first draft horses were Percherons. The story of how my interest and enthusiasm (love affair) for draft horses is spoken about in our little book – Alternative Draft Power.

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