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In 2010 we started growing potatoes on Waterford farm. Waterford is ideal for potato production due to its climate and suitable soil structure. The dairy has always been the “base business” of the farm and as the economics of dairy production has waned over the past decade we felt a need to diversify.

Having tentatively started our potato enterprise in 2010 with just 8 hectares of seed potatoes, this production unit has grown to over 30 hectares in 2013 with room for further growth. We have enjoyed growing the potatoes and we feel their production has complemented Waterford Farm on many fronts. The surplus nutrients left behind the spuds are beneficial to the following years of pasture production. The break in the cycle of pastures is beneficial in controlling weeds and pests. We also find that we are able to achieve greater utilisation of our machinery and equipment.

We think we have grown some mighty fine and healthy potatoes in our first few years of production and strive to continue to be successful in this field of farming. Watch this space!

  View our Potatoes Collection in our Gallery.
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