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MAXIMILK is a pure Italian Rye Grass variety that has been selected over the past 30 years for the following outstanding qualities:

1.Persistence into late summer. When kept short in Spring and late summer MAXIMILK will persist later than most varieties. In trials it has kept producing quality grazing right through until January.

2.Great foggaging properties. MAXIMILK is a robust leafy variety that stands up well and thus many tons of dry matter may be conserved in the form of foggage for the winter months.

3. Bulk. MAXIMILK produces a massive amount of Dry Matter per hectare. Well in excess of 14 tons dry matter per hectare may be attained.

4.Acid tolerance. MAXIMILK has been grown and selected on acid soils and shows great tolerance for acidity.

5.Mid winter production. MAXIMILK shows outstanding growth in the coldest months of the year.

6. Drought tolerance. MAXIMILK has a deep strong rooting system that allows for good drought tolerance.

7.Contamination free. MAXIMILK is produced only on one isolated farm and under the strictest control measures to ensure a pure variety with no contamination from other rye grass varieties.

8. Weed free seed. MAXIMILK is produced under the most stringent weed control measures and the production unit is absolutely free of any purple weed (also known as E.G. or Mackenzie weed).

9. Clean seed. MAXIMILK is processed through a double cleaning process and passes through a unique de-awning process that ensures a clean free flowing product that will pass through any kind of pasture planter.

10. Certified and tested annually: Passed and approved by SANSOR and AGRICOL, Maximilk seed has attained excellent results each year. (Report available on request) Thus MAXIMILK should be YOUR variety of choice!

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