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Shires are believed by many to represent the tallest breed of horse in the world with individuals reaching up to 21 hands.

Shires originate from England where they were originally used as war horses carrying Knights in full armour in to battle. They were considered to be of extreme strategic importance in England military dominance over its neighbours at one time in history. Only later were they adapted to work as agricultural and Carriage horses for heavy haulage.

Today they are regaining popularity around the world as riding horses, showing horses, agricultural draft animals and are used widely for pulling carriages of people around tourist destinations.

Our Shire herd originates from a small herd of Shire horses that were originally imported by S.A. Breweries as a promotion for Kronenbraugh Beer.

I first saw these horses as a student during a rag procession in the 1970’s in Pretoria. I was awestruck by them, and despite many objections from the driver I rode for many kilometers on the wagon, but did not think I might ever be privileged enough to own any.

As some years passed I followed their move from SAB to Sapekoe tea estates in Richmond, KZN and later to Sapekoe Tea Estates in Louis Trichart. From there they were dispersed and over time I managed to buy as many of them as I could. We managed to obtain 4 unrelated stallions and 6 mares. Today we have 30 mares and 6 Stallions on the farm and have created a viable gene pool to work with.

We believe we have a world-class herd of Shires and are privileged to be able start offering progeny for sale.

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