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Spanish Donkeys
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Spanish Donkeys

One cannot read about early agriculture in the America's without repeatedly coming across references to the enormous role the Mule played in the development of America. With our interest in draft animals growing I could not fins any decent mules. Research indicated that the best Agricultural Mules were bred from Spanish Donkeys on Draft horse mares.

Thus we needed to find some good Spanish Donkeys – easier said than done. After a number of years we managed to collect some nice specimens and have generated a herd of thirty Jenny's and some stunning Jacks.

I have grown to adore the donkeys, especially the foals that have to be one of the cutest babies on earth. We have suspended our mule breeding program simply because we already have such a varied breeding program. But we continue to breed our Spanish Donkeys.

Our donkeys have been sold into a variety of situations from pets to predator control, from pack animals in the Parks Board to cultivating Sugar Cane fields, from pulling carts and riding to stud animals for Mule and Donkey breeding.

View our Spanish Donkey Collection in our Gallery.

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